Angry Birds Classic MOD APK v8.0.3[Power-ups+Boosts] 2023


Angry Birds Classic MOD APK is a popular mobile game that has entertained millions of players since its initial release in 2009. Developed by Rovio Entertainment, it allows gamers to fling birds across the screen to destroy structures made out of blocks and pigs.

Get this free latest Android version of the classic game today and experience the addictive and challenging gameplay that has made it a hit ever since its introduction. Moreover, play the Crowd Evolution MOD APK and Tank Stars APK MOD games to enjoy the best arcade games on mobile.

Name Angry Birds MOD APK
DeveloperRovio Entertainment Corporation
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
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Featuring stunning visuals and sound effects, it will provide hours of entertainment for casual and hardcore gamers. Download now to join in on the fun!


It is an addictive and fun game that challenges players to use their birds’ unique abilities to take down the evil pigs. The game aims to launch the Angry Birds into structures built by the pigs to destroy them and complete levels. Players can choose from various birds, each with its abilities and strengths. Have you wanted a casual game? Yes, then Farmville 2 MOD APK install on your mobile.

angry birds classic mod apk unlimited boosters

There are numerous difficulty levels in the game, so players will always have something to push themselves with. It provides hours of entertainment and innovative problem-solving as you attempt to defeat the evil pigs. Download the most recent version today and begin your journey towards success.

Unlimited Money & Coins

Free Power-Ups

Free Card Refills

Unlocked All

No Ads

Free Download

What is Angry Birds APK?

It has been around since 2009 and is still one of the most popular games on the Android platform. It’s a puzzle game in which players use different birds with different powers to destroy enemy facilities and reclaim stolen eggs. Players must choose which bird to use carefully in order to eliminate opponents and proceed through the stages. If you are a fan of racing games then Traffic Racer MOD APK is the best choice for you.

The game also includes various power-ups that can help players overcome challenging levels. It is a fun and addicting game with hours of entertainment for all types of gamers. Get ready to experience a unique puzzle game with amazing graphics and fun challenges.

What is Angry Birds MOD APK?

It is an improved or altered version of the original game that includes all levels unlocked. Many features that are not accessible in the Classic edition are included in this version, such as infinite gems and coins, numerous pigs and power-ups, golden eggs and more buffs, and more powerful birds. With these new characteristics, gamers can easily defeat opponents in the world quest who have greater strength and accuracy.

angry birds classic mod apk unlimited money & coins

In addition, the modding version allows you to download the game for free, so you don’t have to spend any money to enjoy the whole gaming experience. Get the Angry Birds MOD APK today and play with all the added features on your Pc.

Features of Angry Birds APK

1- Easy Control System:

This game is a fun and engaging game that offers a variety of features, including easy and intuitive controls, exciting and amusing gameplay, different birds with distinctive powers, multiple levels, unique buffs to enhance bird capability, and the ability to challenge online players with various cheat modes.

2- Easy Interface:

The easy-to-use interface allows players to access their attack options easily, focus on the pigs, and choose their power meter. Players can also use a pleasing touch to achieve maximum accuracy when hitting the pigs.

3- 650 Levels:

It offers an entertaining gameplay experience with over 650 levels and continuously adds new classes.

4- Various Birds & Powers:

Different birds have remarkable powers, allowing players to devise strategies to take down the pigs’ defence. Great buffs are also available to enhance the bird’s explosive capability or penetrating force, making it easier to destroy targets with precision and accuracy.

5- Play Online & Offline:

Players can also challenge other online opponents from all around the world by joining the Mighty League. The game can be enjoyed offline and online without an active internet connection. The game’s unique and engaging features are exciting and provide hours of entertainment.

6- Star Cup:

It offers a variety of features to keep gamers engaged and entertained. Players can take advantage of the Star Cup, where they can challenge opponents one-on-one and collect feathers to level up their birds and gain more scoring power.

angry birds classic mod apk unlimited gems & black pearls

7- Competitive Tournaments:

They can also participate in Competitive Tournaments on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday featuring 26 new levels every week and unique rewards for those who take the top position. Themed Tournaments are also held every other week, allowing players to earn even more rewards. With so many options available, It will keep gamers entertained for hours.

8- Various Power-ups:

The app also offers several power-ups, level effects, and special slingshots to make the game even more exciting. Players can access all these features for free. Download the latest game version today and join hundreds of millions of other fans in experiencing the game’s classic and new features.

Features of Angry Birds MOD APK

1- Unlimited Coins:

The Angry Birds MOD APK provides users with various features to enhance their gaming experience. The unlimited coins feature allows players to power up their birds and access more powerful weapons for maximum destruction on each level.

2- All levels Unlocked:

Players can unlock different levels, such as Eagle Mountain, Piggy Island, and Bird-day Party, without spending money on the modified version.

3- All Birds Unlocked:

The modded version provides access to powerful birds such as Red Birds, hungry birds, and Mighty Eagle, allowing them to take down even the most challenging levels quickly.

angry birds classic mod apk unlimited power ups

4- No Ads:

The No Ads feature allows gamers to stay immersed in the game without being burdened by intrusive ads that can be found in the free version. Finally, players have access to various power-ups and bonuses that can help them defeat the Boss Pigs.

Pros & Cons


The Pros include:

– Downloadable for free on the Google Play Store; no additional purchase is required

– Enhanced graphics and gameplay compared to the original version

– Includes new levels and power-ups, providing additional challenge and entertainment

– Can be played both offline and online, allowing for more convenient gaming

– Supports multiple languages and devices for a truly international experience.

– Angry Birds Classic APK is an easy-to-play game that players of all ages can enjoy.

– It’s a great way to pass the time and has simple controls that make it accessible for anyone.


As with any game or app, there are also some cons. These include:

– Downloading the game requires a stable internet connection and can be time-consuming

– The game has been known to crash on some devices, resulting in lost progress

How to Install Angry Birds MOD Apk on Android?

Follow the steps below to install this game on your Android device or smartphone.

  1. First, uninstall this game’s old version from your cell phone.
  2.  Then, please install the latest version that you download from our site.
  3.  Suppose your phone doesn’t allow you to install this game. Then go to settings.
  4.  In settings, search “Security,” then tap on it as soon as it doesn’t have this option.
  5.  After that, you will see the option named “Unknown resources”; it will be unchecked means OFF.


This game combines an ancient classic with new gaming technology. Players can access the same levels and difficulties as in the original by downloading it for free. It also enables users to have access to new features such as infinite lives and unlimited power-ups.

Angry Birds Classic is a terrific way to relive the joy of the original game and receive some much-needed nostalgia, thanks to its simple UI and thrilling gameplay. Get it now for a vintage gaming experience with all the modern conveniences.

angry birds classic mod apk unlocked all levels , everything


Q1. What is Angry Birds Classic MOD APK?

A. It is a modified version of the popular mobile game that allows users to unlock all its features for free without spending money or completing in-game tasks.

Q2. Where can I download it?

A. You can download it from our website. Our website offers up-to-date versions of the game and provides step-by-step installation instructions.

Q3. Is it safe to install?

A. Yes, installing is safe, as the files are scanned and verified before uploading. However, it is best practice to download from a trusted website to ensure your device’s safety.

Q4. Is this game free?

A. Yes, it is entirely free to download and play.

Q5. Does it have any in-app purchases?

A. No, it does not contain any in-app purchases, as all content within the game has been unlocked for free.

Q6. Is it compatible with Android devices?

A. Yes, it is compatible with most Android devices running a minimum of 4.4 or higher. The game also requires at least 1GB RAM and 50MB of free internal storage to run correctly.

Q7. How do I install this game?

A. No, it is ad-free and does not contain any intrusive ads.

Q8. Does it feature any ads?

A. No, it is ad-free and does not contain any intrusive ads.

Q9. Can I play it offline?

A. Yes, you can play the game without being connected to the internet if all levels have been unlocked first. However, some online features may be disabled offline, including leaderboards and social media integration.

Q10. Are there any tips for playing it?

A. Here are a few tips: Study the game’s physics system to understand how objects interact; keep an eye out for bonus stars and power-ups.

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