Chapters MOD APK v6.5.0 (Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets) For Free


Chapters Interactive Stories MOD APK is a modified version of the official app, allowing users to access all premium features unlocked for free. Its simple user interface makes it easy to use and download on your mobile. It means you can enjoy your favorite stories and books on your device without any charges or added restrictions. Its latest version offers an improved in-app experience with stable data and less intrusive ads. If you are looking for any other good games to play then you should play Euro Truck MOD APK and Car Parking Multiplayer APK MOD for free.

Name Chapters MOD APK
DeveloperCrazy Maple Studio Dev.
Mod InfoUnlimited Diamonds
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This Android application allows users to download and interact with digital versions of their favourite books. It provides access to a library of over 50,000 titles, including classics and bestsellers from the world’s most popular authors.

Readers may rapidly browse the novels in the Chapters collection and download the ones they want to read for free thanks to its simple design. Additionally, it provides readers with a number of skills, such as the ability to highlight important sections, add notes, and bookmark their favourite pages. Readers can easily access their books from any device by keeping them in the cloud.

Unlocked All

Unlimited Tickets & Keys

Premium Choices

Unlimited Diamonds

No Ads


It is a puzzle game that puts your creativity and logic to the test. By putting numerous puzzle pieces in the right order, the game looks to reconstruct a story. More challenging problems are made available as you advance through each level, forcing you to use creative problem-solving techniques to complete them. The game offers a range of story genres and customization possibilities, such as character choice, background design, and music. Another game in the simulation category is Farmville 3 Mod Apk install on your mobile to harvest crops and maintain your farms.

chapters mod apk unlimited tickets & diamonds

It also includes an “Auto-Generate” option that automatically generates puzzle levels of varying difficulty to challenge yourself further. Whether playing solo or with friends, it will provide hours of entertainment and challenge.

What is Chapter APK?

It is a free-to-download mobile application that allows users to read and purchase eBooks from a library of popular titles. It provides an easy way for readers to find the books they want without searching through physical stores or online bookstores. It also offers exciting features such as reading statistics and gives notifications when new chapters are released. There are many games similar to this game just like Eatventure MOD APK.

With it, readers won’t again have to be worried about missing the newest book releases again. Users may easily access and read their most liked stories with the help of this app. It enables readers to browse content from well-known authors and download the most recent editions of their beloved stories.

The game also provides tools such as bookmarking, highlighting, and search functions so that users can easily find what they are looking for. It also features an offline mode so users can read their stories even when they do not have an internet connection.

What is Chapters MOD APK?

It is a modified version of the Chapters: Interactive Stories game that developers have unlocked. It has features like unlimited diamonds and tickets, free in-app purchase items, and access to excellent choices and locked characters. This modded version allows players to enjoy the official game’s features without buying them. With this version, you can play the game with no interruptions and get access to unlimited resources for free.

chapters mod apk unlimited diamonds

This modified version of the game allows players to reach higher levels quickly and progress through stories faster than ever. The modded version of this game will give you a unique gaming experience.

Features of Chapters APK

1- Multiple Stories:

This game has many features that make it stand out among other simulation games. The intuitive and interactive interface allows players to easily access all the different game stories. Players can choose from multiple love stories with unique characters and details.

2- Various Characters:

The game also enables players to craft stories, express their creativity, and explore their emotions. Players can also access characters from all backgrounds, such as sweet guys, cold CEOs, or funny lovers.

3- 150 Different Stories:

It offers easy-to-follow gameplay that allows players to choose the answers for their characters and watch the story unfold. Moreover, the game provides nearly 150 different stories that players can explore and experience, immersing themselves in their favourite love story.

4- Create Bookmark:

It also allows players to discover intimate details about each character throughout the story. Players can bookmark their favourite stories for quick access later on. These exciting features will provide a unique and unforgettable gaming experience.

5- Automatic Backup:

One of the most valuable features of this game is its ability to back up all of your chapters and bookmarks automatically. This feature ensures you never lose any data, even if something happens to your device or internet connection.

chapters mod apk premium choices

6- Searching Tool:

The app also offers a powerful search tool, making it easy for users to find specific chapters or topics within their stories quickly. Furthermore, it has a comprehensive library of stories and genres, so users can discover new stories they might not have heard.

7- Customization:

It includes advanced customization options, allowing users to customize the look and feel of their story. They can alter the font type, size, text spacing, background colour, and image.

8- Sound effects:

Furthermore, users can add sound effects to their stories, giving them an immersive experience. It also offers a variety of tools for users to create custom story endings or fan-made spinoffs.

9- Regular Updates:

This game offers regular updates with new content and features, ensuring users can access the latest stories and features. It also allows for online multiplayer gaming, with friends being able to join a story together and work cooperatively to complete objectives.

10- Muti- Language:

It is available in multiple languages and can be used on Android and iOS devices. This makes it easy for readers worldwide to access the app and start reading. With it, you can enjoy interactive stories on your terms.

chapters mod apk unlimited keys

Features of Chapters MOD APK

1- Unlimited Diamonds:

This game is an excellent tool for Android gamers who want to maximize their experience. The app offers free access to diamonds, tickets, and premium choices.

2- No Ads:

It also removes the need to watch ads to earn rewards. With it, users can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without worrying about interruption.

3- Unlimited Tickets:

With it, users can also access a wide selection of genres beyond traditional action and love stories. These include Young Adult Romance, Adore, and Fantasy, meaning gamers can explore exciting storylines. The app also provides unlimited tickets & keys for unlocking these unusual stories with the help of game cheats & codes.

4- Premium Choices Free:

This game makes it much easier to make premium choices, allowing users to make the right decision and get the most out of their stories. Combined with all these features, it is an excellent choice for Android gamers who want an enhanced gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

The Pros:

• There are multiple stories to choose from, with new ones added regularly, so there’s always something new for players to explore.

• It allows users to customize their story’s protagonist, add different components to the plot, and make choices as the narrative progresses.

• The game offers a variety of mini-games that can be played as part of the stories for added entertainment.

• It can be downloaded for free on Android devices and played offline.

• It features various stories in different genres, from romance to suspense and horror.

• The app allows you to customize your avatar, making your character look exactly how you want them to.

The Cons:

• There are limited customization options, so users may find that their story is not as original as they would like.

• Minor bugs and glitches can occur during gameplay, making the experience less enjoyable

How to Download Chapters Mod Apk on Android?

Take the following steps to download this APK file.

1.   First, find the download link button in this post.

2.   After finding the download link button, tap on it.

3.   Downloading will start as soon as you click.

4.   Then, wait a while to complete downloading.

5.   After the downloads are complete then, install it.


It is a fun and practical method to engage with interactive tales. A large number of interesting tales are available to users completely free of charge. It offers an excellent way to appreciate reading stories while having fun because of its user-friendly layout and many customization choices while having

chapters mod apk Interactive Stories Free Download

complete control over how your story progresses. Whether you’re interested in learning about an exciting plot or want to explore unique visual scenarios, this game has something for everyone. Get the latest version on your Android devices today and enjoy a new way of experiencing interactive stories on the go.


Q1. Are Chapters: Interactive Stories MOD APK free?

A1. Yes, the game is available for free on our website. There are also multiple in-app purchases that you can make if you’d like to enhance your gaming experience.

Q2. What is the latest version of this game?

A2. The latest version is currently 2.6.0, which was released on August 17th, 2020.

Q3. What are some features of this game?

A3. Some features include a wide range of genres, customization of your avatar and characters, exploring different endings, and making decisions that affect a story’s outcome.

Q4. Is this game safe to download?

A4. Yes, the game is safe to download from the Google Play Store. It also has no viruses or malicious codes that can harm your device.

Q5. What is Chapter APK?

A5. Chapters is an interactive story game for Android devices where players take control of their story and make decisions that can affect the plot.

Q6. Is this game free?

A6. Yes, it is free to download and play on Android devices.

Q7. How many stories are available?

A7 It has hundreds of stories, ranging from romance to mystery and fantasy.

Q8. Is this game available?

A8. You can download the MOD APK version of this game for free on Android devices from our site.

Q9. Where can I download its latest version?

A9. You can find the latest version of it on our website. Just make sure you’re downloading from a trusted source.

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