Game of Khans MOD APK v2.7.19.101[Unlimited Money, Gems]


Game of Khans MOD APK is an exciting, strategy-based mobile game that puts players in the shoes of a Mongol Khan. Set in a world of medieval empires and alliances, this game allows players to control their kingdom by managing resources and waging war against rivals. Players can build their empires through careful resource management, alliances with other players, and conquering territory. And Afk Arena mOD APK and Duskwood MOD APK are the best RPG games that you can play for free.

NameGame of Khans MOD APK
DeveloperClicktouch Co.Ltd.
GenreRole Playing
Mod InfoUnlimited Money
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The game demands a delicate balance of strategy and tactics, making it both tough and rewarding for all players. It will keep you entertained for hours with its lovely sights and exciting, action-packed combat. Download the game on your Android device today to enjoy everything it has to offer.


It is an extensive strategic game that puts players in charge of a powerful khanate. Set in the medieval era, you must build your khanate from the ground up by managing resources and political alliances as you battle other khanates for control of the region. You will have to make difficult decisions to build a powerful army and forge lucrative trade agreements while dealing with the harsh realities of being a Khan. If you want to play the best RPG game in offline mode then the Idle Heroes MOD APK download is available now.

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Each action has broad effects and will determine your khanate’s fate. Whether you send an ambassador to talk or launch an official attack, you must constantly be one step ahead of your rivals.

Unlimited Money & Gems

Free Purchase

No ads

Infinite Resources

Unlimited Wood

Free Download

What is Game of Khans APK?

The Game of Khans APK is an exciting strategy game that challenges players to build their empires and conquer the lands around them. As the ruler, you must manage your people, resources, and production while fighting opponents in daily battles. The goal is simple; become a powerful lord by taking over as much land as possible. Another similar game is Life After Mod Apk you can download and play it for your enjoyment.

Downloading and playing the game will give you hours of thrilling fun as you make your way to becoming a ruler of an entire empire. Conquer and build, become the Khan. The game is free to download and play. It can be installed on any Android device with just a few taps. Get ready for endless strategic battles, building, and domination! Become the Khan.

What is Game of Khans MOD APK?

The MOD APK version gives users an enhanced gaming experience, offering them unlimited diamonds and premium items for free. As a bonus, this modified version also eliminates the presence of any ads. This version of the game is especially great when it comes to enjoying all the features without having to pay real money.

Game of Khans APK MOD unlimited money & gems

With this game, users can enjoy the game without restrictions. The game is even more fun, with new levels, characters, and options, making it more challenging and enjoyable. With its modified version, users can access everything they need to take their gaming experience to the next level.

Features of Game of Khans APK

1- Customization:

Players can customize their ruler’s physical appearance and choose from hundreds of different items and weapons to equip them with.

2- Expansive Map:

The game also has an expansive map, allowing players to explore numerous locations across the continent and discover hidden treasures and enemies.

3- Mini-Games:

Additionally, it includes various mini-games, such as jousting tournaments and hunting expeditions which offer fun challenges for all levels of gamers.

4- Multiplayer Mode:

The game allows for cooperative play between multiple players, making tackling difficult missions easier or enjoying the immersive world together.

5- Gather resources with one click:

With the Levy feature, players can gather rich resources with just one click! This way, you can stay ahead of your enemies regarding build-up and resource gathering.

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6- Ruling Feature:

The Ruling Feature allows players to issue decrees to resolve multiple disputes quickly and efficiently.

7- Recruitment:

Recruitment also plays a huge role in this game, as you can summon big names worldwide to become your advisors.

8- Harem:

In addition, there is the Harem feature which lets you romance gorgeous beauties all over the globe!

9- Horde Mode:

You can also ally with other players through Horde mode to fight for supremacy together.

10- Hunting:

Lastly, the Hunting feature lets you face off against powerful beasts and even tame them.

Features of Game of Khans MOD APK:

1- Unlimited Diamonds:

The MOD version allows users to unlock the game’s full potential with unlimited diamond access. This Feature gives players unrestricted amounts of gems, which can be used to purchase upgrades, resources, and items in-game. Furthermore, it provides access to powerful abilities otherwise unavailable in the normal version.

2- Unlimited Gems:

The modified version offers a unique feature that allows players to gain unlimited gems. These gems can be used to upgrade characters, purchase items and resources, or even access special areas within the game. With this feature, users can expand upon their gaming experience by unlocking new levels and allowing them to progress further in the game.

game of khans mod apk unlimited wood

3- Unlocked All:

The modded version lets players unlock their favourite characters, weapons, and outfits quickly and easily with a simple finger tap. With the Unlocked All Feature, players can experience all aspects of the game without waiting or spending money on upgrades.

Pros & Cons:


  • It is a free download that gamers of any level can enjoy.
  • The game features a variety of troops and heroes, providing countless hours of entertainment.
  • It offers a competitive edge with its unique tactical combat system.
  • The game also includes an auto-battle mode, making it easy for those who want to spend less time on strategic planning.
  • The game has a deep storyline, with multiple endings and various characters to play as.


  • This game version is not officially licensed, so some features may need to be added or available.
  • The graphics could be more polished due to the game being a MOD APK.

How to Install Game of Khans MOD APK on Android?

Follow the steps below to install this game on your Android device or smartphone.

  1. First, uninstall this game’s old version from your cell phone.
  2.  Then, please install the latest version that you download from our site.
  3.  Suppose your phone doesn’t allow you to install this game. Then go to settings.
  4.  In settings, search “Security,” then tap on it as soon as it doesn’t have this option.
  5.  After that, you will see the option named “Unknown resources”; it will be unchecked means OFF.
  6. Then, check if this option means ON it.
  7. This option allows any APK “file to be installed” easily on your Android phone.


With its interesting and broad storyline, it is an entertaining game that provides players with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. The game has something for everyone, with over 150 levels to explore and conquer. All of the customization features enable you to construct your game version.

game of khans mod apk free download

The Game is available to download for free from reliable sources, giving you the freedom to enjoy the game without having to pay. It’s breathtaking visuals and captivating gameplay will keep you entertained for hours. So what are you waiting for? Download it now and jump into the exciting world of the Game.


Q1. What is the Game of Khans MOD APK? 

A. It is a free and open-source role-playing game developed by Clicktouch Co., Ltd. It takes place in the world of Khan, where players are tasked with helping out their chosen faction to take over the world.

Q2. Is it safe to download the Game? 

A. Yes, downloading the game is completely safe and secure. The official version of the game is available on Google Play Store and has been verified for safety by independent security researchers.

Q3. What are the system requirements for playing this game? 

A. The game requires an Android device with a minimum 5.0 Lollipop or higher version and at least 2GB of RAM. Additionally, you must have at least 500MB of free storage space to install the game.

Q4. How much does it cost to download this game? 

A. The game is completely free to download and play. However, some in-game items require real money purchases.

Q5. Is there a multiplayer mode available for this game? 

A. Yes, the game does feature an online multiplayer mode where you can battle players worldwide.

Q6. Do I need an internet connection to play this game?

A. No, playing the game without an internet connection is possible. However, you will need more features and access to online content, such as leaderboards and tournaments.

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