Live Tv MOD APK v4.0.9[VIP, Premium Unlocked] Android 2023


Live Tv MOD APK is a great way to watch TV on your Android device. This app allows you to access over 500+ channels without a satellite dish or cable subscription. With the app, you can watch all your favourite shows and movies from many genres and access premium content like sports, news, and more.

You can customize the app with various settings, like filtering by channel or country. Download it to start enjoying live TV without hassle. Aside from that, Bumble MOD APK and Hbo Max MOD APK are excellent apps for pleasure.

NameLive Tv MOD APK
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You’ll be able to watch your favourite episodes and films whenever and wherever you choose, with no additional fees. It’s an excellent tool for anyone who wants to keep up with their favourite shows and movies.

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It is a revolutionary application that allows users to watch live TV from their mobile devices. With this app, you can access hundreds of channels worldwide quickly and easily. The app supports most Android phones, tablets, and other devices. It also includes an intuitive user interface that makes navigating through the application and finding your favourite channels easy. Have you wanted an app for pleasure? Yes, then Voot MOD APK installs on your mobile.

live tv mod apk free channels

It also offers high-quality streaming with no delays or buffering concerns. You may use this wonderful application to watch sports events, news broadcasts, discussion programmes, and more from the comfort of your own home. Live Tv MOD APK is the best method to keep up with all of your favourite TV shows and keep track of what’s on without having to browse hundreds of channels.

What is Live Tv APK?

Live Tv APK is an Android app that offers users access to hundreds of channels worldwide. It also features various genres, including sports, news, entertainment, and more. The app is available for free Download on some sites and can be found in the Google Play Store. The app provides users access to the latest news, top-rated shows, and a vast selection of movies. Apart from this, you can also use Facemagic MOD APK on your mobile.

This makes it the perfect solution for anyone wanting to watch live television without cable or satellite subscriptions. It also offers powerful search functions, allowing users to find what they are looking for quickly. With this app, users can watch their favorite channels and movies anytime.

What is Live Tv MOD APK?

It is a modified version of the original app specifically designed to enable users to access free and on-demand content from around the world. It allows users to easily search for their favorite shows, movies, and sports programming. The app also offers additional features such as offline viewing, fast loading speeds, parental controls, and updates that keep users in sync with the latest content.

live tv mod apk unlocked all

With this app, you can access various shows and movies without any subscription or membership fee. It is an amazing way to watch your favourite TV show, movie, or sports programming without paying for a monthly cable or satellite subscription.

Features of Live Tv APK:

1- M3U8 Feature:

With the Free m3u8 feature, users can easily find and watch the latest trending content from anywhere in the world.

2- Match Updates:

The app’s Match Update feature ensures you never miss a ball while following your favourite matches.

3- Step-by-Step Instructions:

The How to Use feature on the app is comprehensive and includes full step-by-step instructions for getting started with streaming on Live Net Sports for free.

4- Keep Up-to-dated with Hot Topics:

Additionally, the Latest feature keeps users up-to-date with all the hottest topics and trends so they never miss out on what’s happening in their communities or across the globe.

5- Various Tv Channels:

It offers a wide range of TV channels and programs, with many being free and some requiring a subscription.

6- Record Shows:

The app also allows you to record shows for later viewing, meaning you never miss your favourite program.

live tv mod apk no ads

7- Personalized Recommendations:

Additionally, the app includes features such as personalized recommendations based on viewing habits and parental control settings that allow parents to limit what kind of content their children can access.

8- Switch with other Apps:

It also integrates seamlessly with other apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, etc., allowing users to easily switch between them and manage their watching habits in one place.

9- Easy UI:

Furthermore, its intuitive user interface makes searching for content easy by categorizing different genres, shows, and series.

10- Multi-Profiles:

Finally, the app offers various features, such as multiple profiles for family members or friends, dark mode settings, and various themes to choose from.

Features of Live Tv MOD APK:

1- Premium Unlocked:

The modified version comes with a premium unlocked feature, allowing users to experience the app’s full potential. With this unlocked feature, users can access several channels they cannot find on the original version. This includes international and national channels encompassing all genres, including news, sports, movies, music, and more.

2- Unlimited Channels:

The modded version allows users to stream an unlimited number of channels in its latest version. The app is compatible with Android devices, allowing users to access streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and more. With it, you don’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows or movies.

3- No Ads:

The Live Tv MOD APK is designed to be free from advertisements that can disrupt the user experience. It’s great for those who want to enjoy the content without interruption. The MOD APK blocks all ads from appearing on-screen, allowing users to concentrate solely on what’s on-screen.

live tv mod apk pro unlocked

4- Free Download:

The MOD allows users to download its latest version for free. With this feature, downloading the latest app version is easy and hassle-free. The latest version of the app provides users access to various features, such as live streaming of TV shows and movies.

Pros & Cons:


  • Free and unlimited access to live TV channels from around the world.
  • No buffering while streaming content, allowing for a smooth viewing experience.
  • The easy and intuitive user interface makes navigating and watching your favourite shows simple.
  • Ability to download programs and watch them offline.
  • It is free to use, unlike other streaming services requiring a paid subscription.


  • Ads are in the app, taking up screen space and potentially detracting from the viewing experience.
  • Some channels may not stream properly due to server issues or slow connection speeds.

How to Install Live Tv MOD APK on Android?

Follow the steps below to install this game on your Android device or smartphone.

  1. First, uninstall this game’s old version from your cell phone.
  2.  Then, please install the latest version that you download from our site.
  3.  Suppose your phone doesn’t allow you to install this game. Then go to settings.
  4.  In settings, search “Security,” then tap on it as soon as it doesn’t have this option.
  5.  After that, you will see the option named “Unknown resources”; it will be unchecked means OFF.
  6. Then, check if this option means ON it.
  7. This option allows any Apk “file to be installed” easily on your Android phone.


It is a wonderful application for people who enjoy watching live-streaming TV episodes and films. It is an excellent approach to accessing the most recent and greatest web stuff. It is one of the best options for watching free live TV because of its simple, user-friendly design and quick download rates.

live tv mod apk free download

With the app, you can watch your favourite shows and movies for free from anywhere in the world, anytime you want. It is a great way to keep up with the latest and greatest content available online. Download it today and enjoy.


Q1: What is Live Tv MOD APK?

A: It is an Android application designed to stream live TV channels, movies, and shows. It offers free access to hundreds of TV channels from across the world.

Q2: How do I download this app? 

A: To download this app, visit the official website and follow the instructions to install it on your Android device.

Q3: What are the features of Live Tv MOD APK?

A: It offers a range of features that include live streaming of channels, movies, and shows; the ability to create a watchlist; access to premium content; notifications for upcoming events and shows; parental control options, and more.

Q4: Is this application free?

A: Yes, it is free on Android devices. However, some features, such as access to premium content, are available only with a subscription.

Q5: Is Live Tv MOD APK safe? 

A: It is designed to be secure and safe. It uses advanced encryption technology to protect user data, and all the content is screened before being made available on the platform.

Q6: Does this app work on iOS devices?

A: No, it is only available for Android devices.

Q7: How do I report a problem with Live Tv MOD APK?

A: You can report any issues or bugs to the customer support team. They will take steps to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Q8: Is there a limit to how many channels I can watch on this app? 

A: You can watch as many channels as you want. No limit or restriction is imposed on the number of channels users can access.

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