Duskwood MOD APK v1.10.14[Premium, Free Shopping] 2023


Duskwood MOD APK is a free-to-play first-person shooter game for Android phones and tablets. Developed by Everbyte, the game puts players in the shoes of a vigilante hero as they battle crime and corruption in their neighbourhood. Unlike most other mobile games, it offers an innovative blend of action and tactical strategy, providing a unique experience for gamers of all skill levels. Besides, If you want to play other games of the same category then Download Darkrise Mod Apk and Game of Khans MOD APK.

NameDuskwood MOD APK
Mod InfoFree Shopping
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Players can equip their characters with a variety of weapons and abilities, increase their skills by collecting coins and gems, and use devices to level up faster. With an immersive storyline and furious firefights, it will have gamers on the edge of their seats. Download the last episode and join the fight against crime today.


The thrilling vehicular combat game takes you on an exciting, action-packed ride. The game features an immersive 3D world with intense battles, exciting cars to drive and customize, and a story mode where you can unravel the mystery with challenging missions. Also, play Idle Heroes Apk Mod and get superhero powers with VIP premium features.

Duskwood MOD APK unlocked everything

You’ll compete against other racers in high-speed races and shootouts, collect rare car upgrades, and even explore the surrounding area in search of hidden secrets. This game will provide you with an adrenaline sensation like no other. Prepare to explore, compete, and rule the land of Duskwood.

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Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Items

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What is Duskwood APK?

Duskwood APK is a survival horror game that allows you to explore an eerie and abandoned small town. Use weapons and strategies to survive the various monsters, traps, and puzzles you will encounter in this game with various game cheats. The game aims to stay alive while progressing through the story and completing objectives. Life After MOD APK game downloads on your mobile to play the best RPG game.

You can customize your character and gear to help you in your journey while accessing a wide selection of weapons. Its unique atmosphere and gameplay will surely give players a thrilling experience.

What is Duskwood MOD APK?

It is a modified version of the popular DayZ survival game created by Everbyte. It offers a unique twist on the classic survival genre, with new features and experiences that make it stand out.

Duskwood APK MOD no minigames, multimedia pack

This includes an overhauled zombie AI, enhanced graphics and sound effects, and several other gameplay tweaks and additions. Players can also customize and update their characters with accessories, weapons, and more as they battle against fierce enemies in the game’s zombie-infested world.

The MOD APK version of the game is free to download, providing players with a convenient way to experience this thrilling survival shooter on the go.

Features of Duskwood APK 

1- Collect Items to Progress Further:

You’ll have to collect important clues, contact suspects directly, review evidence for details, and play minigames to progress.

2- Sound-Effects:

Additionally, players can enjoy a variety of spooky sound effects and moody background music while they play.

3- Plenty of Surprises:

The game also has plenty of surprises, keeping the atmosphere exciting and mysterious throughout the journey.

4- Easy Interface:

With its fantastic graphics and intuitive gameplay mechanics, this game will provide hours of entertainment.

duskwood mod apk free shopping

5- Various Minigames:

It also provides a range of minigames to add excitement and ensure users remain engaged throughout their gaming session.

6- Interact with other players:

Players can interact with other players through group chats or private conversations, allowing them to discuss strategy and exchange ideas.

7- Save your Game Progress:

Furthermore, this app allows users to save their progress as they advance in the game to pick up from where they left off whenever they want.

Features of Duskwood MOD APK 

1- Unlimited Coins:

With this MOD app version, you can obtain unlimited coins, gems, and other resources for free.

2- Unlimited Items:

In the modified version, you can also access exclusive items, skins, decorations for your characters, and powerful equipment with special attributes that make them stand out from other players.

3- Unlimited Everything:

The modded version of the game also boasts an impressive arsenal of weapons- guns, swords, and axes – all in creative designs.

Duskwood MOD APK Premium Unlocked latest version

4- Unlocked Premium:

These include unlimited resources, no ads, no energy limit, and faster loading times. Players can unlock all characters, skins, and vehicles without spending money. With these unlocked premium features, gamers can enjoy it to the fullest potential on their PC.

Pros & Cons:


  • It is a free and easy way to experience the popular game in its full glory.
  • It has an offline mode, allowing you to play the game without an internet connection.
  • The MOD APK also features a variety of special weapons and items that can be used in battle.
  • It provides gamers with hours of entertainment as many levels and stages are available to complete.
  • It offers a unique, immersive experience, combining classic horror themes with interactive puzzles.
  • The game also includes individualized NPCs that offer different insights into the story, providing hours of exploration and replayability.
  • Additionally, the music featured in Duskwood is especially atmospheric, creating an eerie and suspenseful mood.


  • Some users may experience lag while playing the game.
  • Some features of the original version are not included in the MOD APK.

How to Install Duskwood MOD APK on Android?

Follow the steps below to install this game on your Android device or smartphone.

  1. First, uninstall this game’s old version from your cell phone.
  2.  Then, please install the latest version that you download from our site.
  3.  Suppose your phone doesn’t allow you to install this game. Then go to settings.
  4.  In settings, search “Security,” then tap on it as soon as it doesn’t have this option.
  5.  After that, you will see the option named “Unknown resources”; it will be unchecked means OFF.
  6. Then, check if this option means ON it.
  7. This option allows any APK “file to be installed” easily on your Android phone.


The game is an excellent way to enjoy its own unique gaming experience without spending any money. It’s no surprise that so many people have elected to download this version of the game, with improved graphics, extra levels, and the availability of a wide choice of mods for players to enjoy.

Duskwood MOD APK Unlimited Items, Free Download

Whether you are looking for an extra challenge or want to experience something new in gaming, it is worth a try. It can provide hours of fun and entertainment, so check it out today.


Q1. What is Duskwood MOD APK? 

A1. It is a modified version of the original Duskwood app with enhanced graphics and features. The user can experience augmented reality in a new and exciting way.

Q2. How do I get the game? 

A2. You can download the latest version from our website, TheDrApk.com. Make sure you check the reviews and read all of the terms before downloading them.

Q3. Is this game free?

A3. Yes, this game is free to download and use. However, some features may require payment to unlock them.

Q4. What platforms can I run this game on? 

A4. The game is only compatible with Android devices.

Q5. Are there any in-app purchases available for this game? 

A5. Yes, some features require an in-app purchase to unlock them. However, these features are optional to using the app and can be unlocked anytime.

Q6. Does this game have any safety features? 

A6. Yes, all the content in this game is secure and safe to download and use. The app also has a privacy policy that outlines how personal data is handled within the application.

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